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You can save a substantial amount of money if you order your linens from us. We provide linens for all the guests’ tables for only $10 each, which includes linen napkins for each guest. So ten tablecloths are $100 and the napkins are included as well. If you don’t think this is a great savings, just check with a rental company!

The only down side to this is, we cannot get linens that go to the floor. At one point and time we had a guy work for us who worked at the Capitol in Washington DC. He taught us how to make all of the linens for the service tables reach the floor. This is what we will do for your buffet, cake, bar, DJ, guestbook, gifts and non alcoholic beverage table. We also bring extra linens when we arrive with your catering.

If you wish, you can pick up the linens for your wedding the Thursday before your wedding. That way you can put them on the tables for your florist or other décor, you can also fold the napkins as you wish.

We will provide linen bags so that you can bring the linens back on Monday or Tuesday. Alternatively, we will be happy to gather linens when we leave.

The biggest linen we can get is a 90 inch square. These cover a 60 inch round table with a 12 inch drop over the sides of the table. To put the linens on, center the linen on the top of the table, make sure it is right side up, the hem should be facing down. Make sure the points of the square are covering the legs of the table, you will have a “U” shaped opening where the chairs slide in. If you feel that the linen does not fit properly – please just remove it and fold it nicely. There is no need to wad it up and toss it on a dirty floor. We can use it at another table or for staging.

The colors we can get for the tablecloths are: White, Ivory, Burgundy, Black, Forest Green, Red, Royal Blue, Bubble Gum Pink, Husky Purple and Chocolate Brown.

The napkin colors include all of the above colors plus Rose, Gold, Seafoam Green, Navy Blue, Wedgewood Blue, Grey and Rust.

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