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There is a $1,000 deposit to reserve your date. This is subtracted from the balance. We charge a per person fee. This amount includes the food, china, silverware. We also include coffee and ice water. We accept Visa, Venmo and Master Charge credit cards but checks are the preferred method of payment. Half the balance is due 60 days prior to the event. By the credit cards we accept, please note there will be a 4% fee to run the card. The remaining balance and final headcount is due 30 days before your event. Please be conscientious about paying on time, we promise not to be a week late for your wedding. 

Headcounts can be adjusted and buffets are very stretchable. We do not charge for children under age 5, but suggest you have some juice boxes, snacks and perhaps a pizza that we can warm up for your children age 5-12 are half price.

There is an additional charge of $200 for facilities that do not have a kitchen or facilities that have large flights of stairs. $200 service charge to work on gravel, $100 service charge to take garbage.

We allow one server per 50 guests plus a lead, we also supply a licensed bartender if required. The staff is there at our catering shop several hours before the event is scheduled to begin, they travel to the venue, unload and set up, service the event, clean, repack and return to the shop. This is called "Portal to Portal" service, and takes approximately 10 hours of their time.

State of Washington Sales tax on catering is currently 10%, industry standard for gratuities or service charge is 18%. We are fully licensed and insured, our facility has received an Excellent Rating by the King County Health Department. We do pay Washington State Licensing fees, Labor and Industry, Employment Security as well as B and O taxes for our business.

We do not charge a cake cutting fee or a corkage fee. We do supply a silver champagne bucket as well as a cake knife & server. We place a box under the cake table to hold any cake parts such as columns or plastic cake plates that must be returned to the baker. We will leave these parts in the kitchen for you.

*Alcohol Policy: We must check ID on every guest who looks under 30 years old. No alcohol can be served to any person who seems to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Any guest who shows signs of being intoxicated after being served, will have their drink removed. We do record any alcohol related concerns in an incident log book, as required by law. We will notify the host and make sure the person has a safe ride home.

We have white plastic icing tubs to hold your beer, champagne and wine. We will purchase ice for your event. If you are having a keg for beer, you will need to have a cooler and ice to chill it. It is also important to arrange for a pump and keg cups. Some venues have rules about keg use, be sure to check with your facility. If someone appears to be drinking too much, we will also alert the host and discontinue serving that person. Some people like to carry an insurance rider from their home owner’s policy on the event. This is a fairly reasonable expense and adds another layer of security to your special occasion. Our bartenders are licensed and insured to serve alcohol. We are not allowed by the government to purchase alcohol for resale, but we can serve the alcohol when the host purchases it. This saves you considerable expense. We do not charge a corking fee. Some hosts like to have a list of taxis available.

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