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A Personal Note

It’s always a delicious day at Christie’s Catering! We consider ourselves to be a “boutique” catering company. The dictionary defines boutique as a small, specialized store selling custom goods or services to an upscale, often luxury market. We’re not so sure about the luxury part, but we do know you will get excellent service, delicious food and personal attention.

We have been in business for over 35 years. Recently we did the math and found we have cooked for over 315,000 people and over 3,000 events. We believe in personal service and when you call or email us, Christie will personally answer the phone or call you back within 24 hours. We believe that our close involvement in your special day will assure you that you can relax knowing every detail has been taken care of.

Many of our staff have been with us for over 10 years with some as long as 31 years. We know how weddings work and we are not trying to train a bunch of new hires or people from staffing agencies. We receive 5 star ratings from many of our clients and receive glowing comments regarding the staff’s efficiency, manners and warm personalities. We are on the preferred list at many of the area’s most popular venues.

In 2018, Christie’s Catering changed hands when Teanna Stoemmer purchased the company. Teanna has been the executive chef for Christie’s Catering for over 20 years. Christie is still involved in the day to day running of the business by doing the client liaison and menu development. The transition has been seamless and the business is going stronger than ever.

A wedding takes months to plan, yet it is over in just a day. You want to relax and enjoy your friends and family and not be concerned with details. Our years of experience can bring a calm presence and reassurance to your frazzled nerves. We have an incredible amount of knowledge and education regarding the catering industry. We bring a personalized approach with insight, energy, skill and experience to any event we cater.

We personally are in the kitchen every week making the food we serve. We taste all the food and make sure it is up to our exacting standards. We receive compliment after compliment on how good our food is and how seamless and perfect we cater events.

Christie’s BIO

Christie received her first cookbook at age 10, and from there on, there was no turning back! She began her culinary career with the Cuisinart company in 1975. She was a representative for the company in its initial phases with the very first food processor. Flying from Alaska to Denver with a Cuisinart in her lap, Christie taught many people how to slice, dice and chop. From teaching cooking classes to writing cookbooks, her career has been filled with culinary capers. She was a food columnist for the local newspaper, appeared on TV and radio and did restaurant consulting. Christie has written 18 cookbooks, which were published internationally. In 2006, she entered her first and only cooking contest and won first prize out of 40,000 entries. Her recipe for Sweet Potato Cinnamon rolls won $100,000 in Southern Living’s 2006 cooking contest. She has been named as one of Seattle’s top ten caterers by The Knot. Recently, she was chosen by the Food Channel Network to cater for Robert Irving of “Restaurant Impossible.”

Christie's latest book, a memoir of her crazy escapades as a caterer is now being edited and should be on the market early in 2022. It is titled "My Life in Meatballs" and it will leave you laughing, informed and entertained. It will be available with its own website as well as through Amazon.

Christie - Event Caterer in Renton WA

Teanna’s BIO

Teanna, and her husband Mitch, purchased Christie's Catering in February of 2018. Teanna began working for Christie when she was 16 years old, cutting cake and bussing tables. Since that time she has taken on more and more responsibility. She has supported every wedding Christie has catered for over 22 years. She has learned first-hand, all the in's and out's of the catering business. Hard work, a willing protégé and natural talent made her a perfect fit to acquire the business. When Covid first hit, she managed to keep the business going. Mitch has experience in the food and restaurant business as well and is the major "go to" guy for anything regarding the bar and beverage service.