At the Bar

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Most events serve alcoholic beverages The most common offerings are beer, wine and champagne. Signature cocktails are very popular and full bars can be accommodated as well. Occasionally, receptions will offer just coffee and punch or strictly non alcoholic drinks.

Here are some tips for planning the beverages at your reception:

  • We are licensed and insured to serve alcohol, we are not licensed to purchase alcohol for resale (to you). You provide your own alcohol which saves you money.
  • You might want to get a rider on your home owner’s insurance policy for the date of the event, or consider Wedding Insurance.
  • Be sure to check of the requirements of your facility regarding liquor. Banquet permits can be obtained online through the WSLCB website.
  • We offer a complete package including a licensed and insured bartender, we provide 10 bags of ice to get you started. If you need more we can use the card on file to purchase more for you OR you will need to send someone out during the event.
  • We provide plastic glasses, napkins, corkscrews and bar towels with our package.
  • If you choose to serve bottled water, we will be happy to serve it at the bar.
  • If you serve sodas, pop or soft drinks, we recommend that you purchase large bottles rather than small cans as guests are inclined to take a can or bottle of a soft drink and not finish it. It is better to offer smaller servings at the bar.
  • If you are planning to serve mixed drinks, it will be necessary to have two bartenders.
  • A 12 bottle case of wine or champagne will provide 75 drinks per case.
  • A Keg is 180 12 oz. beers. You will need to transport, have Taps, and think about how you want to keep it cold during the event. You will also need to supply glasses for the keg.
  • Not everyone will have champagne for the toast. We prefer to open the champagne as needed.
  • Typically, the DJ will announce the toast just before the cake cutting. We will serve champagne at the bar, place bottles on the tables if you wish, or provide a rolling cart.
  • It is helpful to have a Drink Menu printed and framed at the bar so guests will know what is being served.
  • It is also helpful to have phone numbers for several local taxi companies in case someone should need help getting home.
  • We will stop serving a guest and notify the host if someone is under age or seems intoxicated.

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