Tips On Hiring a Caterer

Author: Christie's Catering |

An experienced caterer can help with all aspects of party planning. Finding just the right caterer can make your reception a dream come true. We recommend you get bids from several caterers, talk to each at length and inquire about the following:

  • Budget – What services are provided for the amount you wish to spend?
  • Experience – What is their training and background, the largest group they have handled?
  • Licenses – Do they have the proper licenses, health permits, insurance and facilities?
  • Food – Have you asked about quantity, style and presentation, leftover policy, and head-count deadlines?
  • Support – Do they provide linens, silver, serving pieces, paper products, and rental items?
  • Attendants – How many servers are provided? What is their training and attire?
  • Party Site – Has the caterer worked there before and are they familiar with the policies of the facility?
  • Beverages – What is provided? Is there a bartender, corkage fee, ice, etc?
  • Timing – What are their arrival time, event duration, and overtime policies?
  • Financial Policies – What are their deposits, sales tax and gratuities?
  • Pictures – Do they have photographs of their work?
  • Recommendations – Have you asked for references or letters from clients?

Look for a caterer who makes you feel comfortable. Price is not the only consideration; warmth, rapport, and a willingness to be flexible on the part of the caterer, will greatly reduce your stress. An experienced caterer can give you piece of mind and make sure that your reception will be everything you've hoped for and more…

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