The Wedding Cake

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A wedding cake is an important part of your reception. Here are some things to consider:

  • Visit various bakeries and wedding shows and sample their cakes. The pictures can be wonderful but the taste uninspired. Some bakeries offer a variety of flavors, fillings and frostings in one cake, it is nice for guests to have a choice.
  • Ask for recommendations from your friends and your caterer.
  • Determine your budget and inquire about additional charges for delivery or return policies on accessories such as mirrors, stands, pillars, etc.
  • Is there a fee for cutting the cake? Some clubs, hotels and caterers do charge a cake cutting fee. After the bride and groom cut the first piece, our staff will be glad to take over. They are experienced with cutting the cake quickly and neatly. We do not charge a cake cutting fee.
  • If you’d like, it is a nice touch to have the bridesmaids tray pass cake to the guests.
  • We have found that not everyone will eat cake. Usually, about 75% of your guests will have cake.
  • Often florists, bakeries or the caterer will put fresh flowers on the cake. We will be happy to do this at no charge just supply the flowers and a photo of how you want the cake to look.
  • Are you saving the top layer for your anniversary? Be sure to let us know. Who will take the leftover cake home and return the cake parts to the bakery?
  • Do you have a cake top or toasting goblets? We'll supply the cake knife and server as well as a champagne bucket.
  • If you are serving the cake outdoors, be sure to let your bakery know. We have had cakes melt and slide from the heat and squirrels do nibble…
  • If cost is a factor, sheet cakes can be used as back up to the main cake to save money. Supplemental dessert bars are also a nice change of pace.
  • Some brides are now doing cupcakes or desert bars, we have a delicious assortment of both!

What happens when your cake doesn't make it to your reception in one piece?

Decorated Wedding Cake by Christie's Catering - Catering Services Renton

Here is an example of when Christie's experience and quick thinking in a crisis really pays off. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of flowers and a careful touch.

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